Compliance and Supply Chain Risk

International supply chains and their multi-modal transport networks are the backbone of global trade, fuelling economic growth and prosperity.

Global supply chain interconnectedness is essential for frictionless trade, but means that localized compliance and risk issues can reverberate along the entire network, with potentially devastating consequences.

Supply chain risk and compliance management is not the sole responsibility of the buyer, seller or carrier, but a challenge to all participants to understand, minimise and manage across global supply chain and transport networks.

Drawing on expert contributions from a wide range of industry sources, this resource has been designed to highlight a number of key compliance and risk issues, that may impact different parts of your supply chain.

Click along the supply chain to identify potential issues and, if possible, where the responsibility for action lies. You will need to consider what contingency actions are necessary to mitigate negative impacts.

NOTE - The compliance and risk issues highlighted are just some of the challenges that your supply chain may face. We welcome feedback and would encourage you to share suggestions for additional content and to report any errors or omissions.