Who would overpay freight invoices. No one, right?

When 20% of freight invoices are incorrect, everyone is overpaying!

SWG Global freight audit solutions are delivered swiftly, reclaiming overpayments, boosting your cashflow and adding directly to the bottom line

SWG will deliver your cloud freight audit platform to automate invoice checking, correction and reconciliation. Guaranteeing invoice accuracy and reclaiming overpayments, to protect your cashflow and bottom line.

These self-funding solutions interface with any ERP system to automate invoice checking, correction and reconciliation. Which means that only correct invoices are paid, protecting revenue, while releasing resource back to your business.

What we provide

  • image descriptionEliminate manual processes, so staff can focus on value-adding tasks
  • image descriptionMonitor freight spend by lane, mode or provider
  • image descriptionEliminate over-billings, duplicates and non-compliant invoices
  • image descriptionAutomate invoice rejections and credit recovery process
  • image descriptionLeverage BI tools to secure reductions from service providers
  • image descriptionReduce transaction and approval cost per invoice

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