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The digitalisation debate is over and disuptors are just competitors (Transcript of SWG’s feature for Supply Professional

The value, size, and growth forecast for the global freight market is simply too enticing, and the cash piles in front of potential investors seeking big returns too big for change NOT to happen and there is no reason why forwarders cannot be digital winners in 2019

The supply chain sector may be undergoing profound change, but we are not seeing the end of the freight forwarder, as their role will remain fundamental to the supply chain. What is going to be key to their future, is retaining control over the physical shipping of goods and the data that goes along with it.

The need to propel cost-savings, operational efficiency and transparency are high among the catalysts for the increasing digitalisation of the shipping industry.

While 3PL and 4PL acronyms may sow confusion, there is one that stands out from the crowd for shippers that simply want success; e4PL