Redefining your services to win more business

Super-charging your TMS to create a new product that will make it easier to convert new business, with recurring revenues and agreed profit margins

Your e4PL product will create visibility in your clients supply chains. So that they can monitor, compare and contrast the performance and cost effectiveness of their vendors.

e4PL levels the playing field for ambitious medium and larger forwarders by providing a unique product and sales proposition to compete for the biggest clients and win new business, with guaranteed recurring revenues.

Your e4PL solution will provide:

  • image descriptionUnique product to win new business and upsell major accounts
  • image descriptionGuaranteed margins and recurring revenue stream
  • image descriptionAutomated manual process to eradicate errors and reduce cost
  • image descriptionInstant notification of exceptions and service issues, to avoid extra charges
  • image descriptionSingle source to track status of PO’s and store related documents
  • image descriptionEvidence of performance to negotiate reductions with service providers
  • image descriptionPortal to place bookings with service providers

What's next?

An informal discussion, to understand your situation and objectives. A proposal follows; outlining your cost-benefits, most appropriate solutions and supply chain impact. The proposal will clarify the scope of your opportunity and aid your decision to progress.