Remember when we read maps to work out how to get somewhere?

Bringing knowledge from the past together with an innovation focused vision for the future; SWG will guide you through the technical, people and process driven solutions to meet your needs – we map it out, together

SWG transform businesses. Our principals exceptional depth of experience ranges over 40 years and spans three continents. He has helped a wide range of forwarders achieve success by focusing on building and selling companies, supporting management teams and mentoring senior executives.

You may already have a perspective of how to solve a situation or making a decision. But as your decision will have a big impact on your organization it is crucial that there are absolutely no uncertainty for unforeseen road bumps.

What we provide:

  • image descriptionBusiness Advisory
    Most standard consultants have a habit of implanting themselves in an organization. SWG is an advisor who aims to do the polar opposite
  • image descriptionM & A
    SWG staff have experienced both sides of buying and selling businesses. When the opportunity or need is there, we guide and advise from an objective position
  • image descriptionSales & Marketing
    As the marketplace changes, the approaches and tools used by sales and marketing teams must also evolve. At SWG we make sure the right mix is applied
  • image descriptionPerformance
    Review performance of service provider for delays, damages, consolidations and much more.
  • image descriptionLogistics
    The constant evolution of IT has, and will continue to have, significant impact on the world of logistics. SWG will guide you through the forest of offerings.

Years of experience in freight, logistics and warehousing

A team of industry specialist brokers from the front lines of your business, we bring the best software solutions and advice to your team.